Kung Fu Assassin Chiptune

Kung Fu Assassin

“Kung Fu Assassin” is a Double Dragon / Kung Fu / River City Ransom-inspired chiptune I wrote on an original gray Nintendo Game Boy (DMG) and a rare Game Boy cart called LSDJ, which stands for Little Sound DJ. Little Sound DJ is a sequencer sporting four channels with 4-bit sound and MIDI support. You compose songs by using square, sawtooth, triangle and sine waves on two pulse channels, one wav channel and one noise channel.

how to get started

To get a copy of LSDJ, you either need to download a ROM file and flash it to a Game Boy cart, or purchase a cart that has already been flashed. A good resource is Nonfinite Electronics. Nonfinite has modified Game Boys, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Pocket, etc. Also, copies of LSDJ, Nanoloop (similar sequencing software, also available on iPhone) and accessories. I have a BleepBloop USB cartridge, which is great for backing up your chiptunes on Mac or PC. Google it to find resellers that have it in stock. It’s worth it.


  1. http://www.littlesounddj.com/lsd/
  2. http://nonelectronics.com/
  3. http://8bc.org (a great community for sharing chiptunes)

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