One year ago I launched one of my favorite small side projects called Cryptonewsology. The project was designed to aggregate the various news stories on the web about cryptozoology (Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, etc.) and send an email digest full of the latest headlines to me every morning. I enjoyed the news so much, that I was able to talk my friends and family into joining the mailing list, and soon after, others began to join. The really cool part about starting this project is that I created something that I really wanted to use, and I solved my own problem. That problem was simply that I enjoyed reading cryptozoology news but didn’t have time to seek out the latest news stories. Another constraint I had was that the best time for me to read this news was early in the morning, immediately after waking up. So, I set up the digest to be in my inbox 30 minutes before I normally wake up. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of this project is that there is absolutely no business model behind it. It was created because I really love keeping up with this stuff. There is so much great (and not-so-great) content popping up on blogs, Youtube and mainstream news sites every day, but it is all very fragmented and hard to keep up with. Cryptonewsology is one step towards curating and organizing this whacky world of cryptozoology without having to dig deep on the internet looking for fresh news. That fresh news finally comes to you.

I enjoyed the email digest so much that I wrote an iOS app for the service so I could keep up with the latest news whenever I had a minute to do so. I plan on releasing many future iterations to the email digest, website and iOS app as time permits. So, if you enjoy the freshest Bigfoot and aliens headlines, I think you’ll like Cryptonewsology. You’ll at least have a lot of interesting things to talk about in your next awkward conversation or cocktail party.

Check it out:

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