Parts Unknown, California

Apparently, Parts Unknown is actually a known place in Carmel, California. What a letdown that the Ultimate Warrior and Demolition are actually from Carmel, CA. Seems like they would be from someplace much tougher and dingier, like Detroit, at least.


Macbook Beeps 3 Times

If your Macbook beeps 3 times on startup and won’t turn on, then you most likely have some fried RAM! Hold the power button down until the computer shuts off, take the battery out and try removing each stick of RAM until you find the culprit. You probably just have one bad stick, so it’ll … 


Pawn Shop Taxidermy

Totally creeped out by all the stuffed animals… and human parts at this Lower East Side junk store.


Old Japanese Proverb

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” – Japanese Proverb


$5.99 Face Melt


Bergen County Blue Law


Coffee Sweetener Mathematics


Kung Fu Assassin Chiptune

“Kung Fu Assassin” is a Double Dragon / Kung Fu / River City Ransom-inspired chiptune I wrote on an original gray Nintendo Game Boy (DMG) and a rare Game Boy cart called LSDJ, which stands for Little Sound DJ. Little Sound DJ is a sequencer sporting four channels with 4-bit sound and MIDI support. You … 


PHP Shorthand If Statement

A helpful little programming trick that I use from time to time is the shorthand if statement in PHP. I hope this tasty tidbit finds a place in your PHP tackle box. By using a ternary operator in PHP, which is a shorthand comparison operator, you can greatly reduce the amount of code you need … 


Bread Machine Stop Motion

Making whole wheat dough in our bread machine with a dash of stop motion and kitchen lighting effects.