Fancy Scarves

If it says “fancy”, it is not fancy.


Stop Motion NYC Skyline

This video was taken in Jersey City using StopMotion for the iPhone.


Jersey City Power Lines


Pixel Self Portrait


Homophone or Homonym?

Whoa or Woah? Theater or Theatre? Hey or Hay? Hair or Hare? Feet or Feat? Aunt or Ant? Gray or Grey? There or Their? Chord or Cord? Who’s or Whose? Fair or Fare? Passed or Past? Overdo or Overdue? Pail or Pale? Steal or Steel? Know or No? Not or Knot? Idle or Idol? In … 


Steven Adler’s Appetite for Destruction


Pantsed Mannequin

I started pantsing mannequins a while ago as a hobby. One of those hobbies that you think will only amuse you, but I soon found out from friends that they found it amusing as well. So, I created Pantsed Mannequin ( to document the adventure. Pantsing mannequins is risky business. You don’t realize how many … 


Forbidden Planet’s Robby the Robot on a Piece of Paper


Hip By Association

It’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with — Homecoming 2008


UFOs Over Newark

While waiting for a flight out of Newark Liberty International Airport, I noticed a lot of lights hovering above the runway.